Golden glasses

Frans Veurink MNGG FIPG

“The creation of gold spectacles is a fusion of passion, craftsmanship and creativity.”

Golden spectacle maker Frans started his training as a financial accountant and made a radical switch to the goldsmith school. He then learned to work as an autodidact by restoring historical jewellery.

While working as a jewellery conservator, one day he visited his optician and saw 18-carat gold spectacles for the first time. This was the moment when he felt the need to start making his own glasses. With this, Frans had found something that he personally likes to wear and wants to create. He also loved the romance and the challenge of rediscovering a lost craft.

He started in February 2002 and had given himself a year to rediscover how to make gold spectacles by hand.

In December 2002 he realized his first collection of 5 glasses.

In the next seven years, through passionate perseverance, he learned all the skills to create every possible spectacle frame.

In 2010, after balloting his work and skills, he became Master at the Dutch Guild of Goldsmiths (MNGG).

After that he also became a Fellow of the Institute of Professional Goldsmiths, (FIPG) in England.

It was 2015, when he made the step to Paris.

Frans created sunglasses for his first Haute Couture Show and was offered studio space by the Dutch embassy in the heart of Paris.

His creations have since been sold throughout Europe and also in New York.

Nowadays, the work is shifting more and more from collections to sophisticated and tailor-made spectacles, where the design for the individual client comes first.

The sign of responsibility of Frans Veurink

The master sign of the Dutch Guild of Goldsmiths

The Master Sign of The Institute of Professional Goldsmiths

The Statutory Gold Hallmark of Waarborg Holland

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