Golden glasses

Prime Minister Mark Rutte on a working visit to Paris

Working visit M. Rutte

June 2015 – The work in the studio is normally only interrupted by visits from opticians from Paris. But on the 3rd of this month there is a special lunch on the agenda.
Prime Minister Mark Rutte is on a working visit to Paris and the designer of Vue d’Or, Frans Veurink and Carolien van Tilburg (Atelier N√©erlandais) are invited by Ambassador Ed Kronenburg to lunch together on the banks of the Seine.

During this informal meeting we will talk about working in the inspiring city of Paris and about the cultural differences with the Netherlands. But most of all, there is a lot of laughter and the Prime Minister is in need of a new pair of golden glasses. In short, a very pleasant break from work and a special contact on this sunny day in Paris.