Golden glasses

King and queen open doors for master goldsmith Frans Veurink of Vue D’Or

Queen Maxima at Vue d'Or

As a result of the royal couple, in March, during the state visit to France, a trade delegation, consisting of more than one hundred Dutch companies, traveled with them. Together they have made deals for 600 million euros. A very successful economic mission.

The trade delegation had an enormous diversity. In addition to the large multinationals, small special companies such as Vue d’Or, which makes handmade gold spectacles, also participated. This state visit opened the doors to Vue d’Or for the small group of most renowned and leading opticians in the heart of Paris. These “old houses” had many world-famous customers over the centuries such as Napoleon, Louis XIV, but also the painter Claude Monet. From a later period, but no less interesting are John F. Kennedy with his wife Jackie, Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren.

The special and particularly warm attention of Queen Maxima for the glasses and sunglasses of Vue d’Or, has awakened the attention and appreciation. As a result, these beautiful Dutch spectacles, which are already on the Champs-Elysées and Rue des Pyramids, will soon also be on display in the prestigious Place Vendôme, and in the “golden triangle”, where all the haute couture houses are located.

Jewel as a fashion accessory
After collaborating with the couturiers Mart Visser and Christian Lagerwaard, Frans Veurink launches his latest creations here in Paris under his own name. These sunglasses are made of 18 carat gold and sometimes in combination with buffalo horn. What makes it extra special is that the glasses are hand colored according to samples of fabric or a specific color of gemstone. This makes the sunglasses not only a unique jewel but also a trendy fashion accessory.