Golden glasses

Design styles

“The pleasure of refinement and comfort, through glasses that make you more beautiful.”

The Calibrage style stands for a series of thin rim glasses with the best glass shapes. The nose bridge and glasses can be made in any size, from there the name Calibrage. You can also add all kinds of extra features to match your personality. You can think of different shapes of nose bridges, front profiles and different ear tips and nose pads.

In short, a very elegant style to play with.

The Oyster style is a partly developed Calibrage, with the specially developed D-profile. This falls completely into the glass and has a more massive view on the side.

This gives the glasses a sportier look and also lends them very well for fashion.

These spectacles are inspired by the spectacles of the composer Franz Schubert. The distinguishing features of his glasses and of his time are the relatively small lenses and the so-called X-Bridge. This is a double nose bridge in the shape of an X.

These are real “character Glasses” with the refined finish that only gold can provide.

The Retro style are timeless avant-garde models. These are heavier and more robust in construction and appearance. These powerful lines enhance the effect on the face without dominating it.

Because of the good adjustment possibilities, these glasses are very comfortable and strong.

Sunglasses… Always a party!

Sunglasses are a different kind of frame than ordinary glasses. This is not only because the glasses are larger and the nose bridge is smaller, but also because much more can be done with ornaments and profiles. By also working with hand coloured glasses, the possibilities are endless.

What about your favorite color lipstick or the same color as your convertible?

The brilliance of diamonds remains fascinating to see.

The use of these can be very subtle by a few small diamonds in a well chosen place. But of course it can also be very rich, by filling the whole with diamonds, for example in a pavé setting. Pavé comes from paved, like stones lying around in the street. The diamonds are always set in gold. That is, wedged into a recess of the gold.

Only responsibly mined diamonds of the best marketable quality (VVSI, color DEF) are used.

Are you interested in gold spectacles and would you like more information or do you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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