Golden glasses

Excellent Craftsmanship

“It’s beautiful to see the contrast between the “primal” craft and the refined luxury of the final product.”

Vue d’Or stands for the highest possible quality and passionate craftsmanship.

This is reflected in the design, manufacture of 18-carat gold spectacles, final inspection and service.

The 18-carat gold spectacles are entirely handmade in the Netherlands. The entire spectrum of craft techniques is used. From the very oldest to the very latest techniques. This in order to continue innovating while maintaining excellent quality.

When do you speak of good gold spectacles?

Frans Veurink: “The quality of gold spectacles is good when the structure of the gold, the symmetry and the finish of the details are excellent. With the aim of optimum wearing comfort and refined appearance”.

“Excellent craftsmanship; the new luxury”


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