Golden glasses

Tribute to Rolls-Royce

Hommage to Rolls-Royce

Model PHANTOM in the night – 18ct gold, black princess diamonds & model DAWN at the rose line 18ct gold, white, natural pink, cognac diamonds

Exclusive gold custom sunglasses –Unique eyewear collection in tribute to Rolls-Royce

The new Rolls-Royce Ghost, which can be viewed for the first time these days at Rolls-Royce importer Cito Motors, symbolizes perfection in simplicity. Keeping in mind the same philosophy, the renowned master goldsmith and eyewear maker Frans Veurink presents a limited edition of a highly exclusive line of 18-karat gold sunglasses. The Icon Collection, as Veurink called his eyewear, is inspired by Rolls-Royce and reflects the same customization and craftsmanship as New Ghost.

Inspired by Rolls-Royce, the Twente goldsmith and eyewear maker Frans Veurink designed The Icon Collection, Hommage to Rolls-Royce sunglasses collection especially for Rolls-Royce importer Cito Motors in Eindhoven. The golden works of art were given appropriate names Phantom in the night and Dawn at the rose line. Subtle references to the Rolls-Royce design language have been incorporated into the designs. The frame has the same elegant silhouette line that is so characteristic of the limousines of the English luxury brand. The iconic grille and the curves of the front fenders have also been expertly incorporated into the lines.

Hand forged
The renowned master goldsmith and eyewear maker Frans Veurink signed MNGG FIPG from Vue d’Or for the design and implementation of these bespoke sunglasses. Veurink has been designing and creating high-quality glasses made of solid gold since 2002. Each pair of sunglasses is forged entirely by hand to the highest possible standards and assembled using the finest materials. The customization is not limited to the glasses themselves. The matching leather case is also made by hand in the same unique personal color scheme.

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Personal statement
It goes without saying that each pair of glasses is made to measure using a special cephalometer. Customers can adapt the design as they see fit and add supercooled or exuberant personal touches. A selection of 18-karat yellow gold, white gold or rose gold is available for the frame.r. Various variations of gemstones are available for a sparkling color accent, from diamond and sapphire to ruby and emerald. The front is finished with hand-colored gradient glasses with gold anti-reflection. To guarantee the exclusive character of the sunglasses, the annual edition is limited to seven copies.